What are the benefits of Digital Radiography?

  1. No film, no chemicals, no hazardous waste, no darkroom, no exposed film bins, no
    filing space.
  2. Digital radiography allows you to reduce retakes because you can compensate for
    over and under exposure allowing for image processing.
  3. Digital radiography allows you to share your digital images with a radiologist or a
    colleague for their opinion.
  4. Time efficiency! Increase Volume! With instantaneous results, your clients will not
    have the wait time that is common with film radiography.

Flat Panel

Through years of manufacturing flat panel detectors Rayence has been able to offer custom retrofit DR configurations to accommodate your facility with existing x-ray equipment on any budget. Our latest DR offering does not require any integration into your existing generator or retrofitting your wallstand. The 17x17” sized detector gives you a full field of view not available with film, CR, or other DR manufacturers. With acquisition time of less than 8 seconds, the Xmaru is the only decision when upgrading your x-ray room. The software includes Gonstead tools and stitching for full spine, upper cervical specific tools and chiropractic specific tool package. 3 year warranty.

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